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Lifetime Care Club

Welcome to our new health care plan for your pets.

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At Scotvet, we strive to make it as easy and budget-friendly as possible for you to keep your pets healthy. That is why we have set up our Lifetime Care Club. Focusing on preventive health measures for your precious companions, our new Scotvet Health Plans aim to ensure that your pet has full access to the best possible health care products. All while helping you to spread the cost and make some much-loved savings.

Prevention is all about picking up on potential problems early on. That is why our Scotvet Lifetime Care Club includes not only a full examination at the time of your pets booster but also an additional examination with one of our highly trained veterinarians after 6 months. These regular check-ups allow our Sctovet team to detect any potential concerns in their early stages and administer immediate treatment if required, resulting in better outcomes and happy, healthy pets. The Scotvet Lifetime Care Club also includes your pet's annual vaccinations as well as flea, tick and worm treatments for the entire year.

Scotvet Lifetime Care Club Delivered

Finding it hard to squeeze in the time to collect your pet's prescription? Do not fret. We have you covered.
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To make things a little easier and more convenient for you, we can arrange to have your pet's treatment delivered straight to your door when you upgrade to The Scotvet LCC Delivered. This upgrade will automatically send out your pet's parasite protection treatments to you when they are due – no need to call the practice to order or come and collect. Completely hassle-free.

Of course, if you would feel more comfortable coming in-store to your local Scotvet surgery and picking up your pet's prescription yourself, then by all means, please do.

It is important to remember that our Scotvet Lifetime Care Club is for preventive healthcare only. We recommend that you also have pet insurance in place to provide financial cover for any unforeseen accidents or illnesses that may occur. To help with this, all puppies and kittens that register with Scotvet are offered 5 weeks of free insurance with *Agria Pet Insurance.

*some breed exclusions apply

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Scotvet Lifetime Care Club

What Is Included?

 green tick icon Annual Booster Vaccinations
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 purple tick icon Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and Infectious Tracheobronchitis “Kennel Cough” in dogs
 purple tick icon Feline Leukaemia, Flu and enteritis in catst
 purple tick icon Monthly flea, tick and worm control for dogs and cats

Puppies and Kittens on the plan can come in for monthly weigh-ins and advice with our veterinary nurses. This will ensure that they get the correct dose of treatment as they grow and put on a healthy weight.

Plus you will benefit from:

 green tick icon Hugely discounted price
 purple tick icon Monthly Direct Debits to spread the cost
 purple tick icon Fixed pricing for 12 months

How Much Does It Cost?


Age / Weight Monthly Payment Scotvet LCC Delivered
Puppy £15 £16.50
Adults <15kg £13 £14.50
Adults >15kg £16 £17.50
Adults >50kg £19 £20.50


Age Monthly Payment Scotvet LCC Delivered
Kittens £14 £15.50
Adults £13 £14.50

Examples Of Potential Savings:

Eg. 30kg Dog

DOG >15kg = £16 per month Scotvet Lifetime Care Club Individual Cost
Vaccine (incl Kennel Cough) Included £68
Monthly Parasite Protection Included £262
6 monthly check up Included £30
Total per Year £192 £360
Saving you £168 (up to 46%)

Eg. Adult Cat

Adult Cat = £13 per month Scotvet Lifetime Care Club Individual Cost
Vaccine (incl FELV) Included £51
Monthly Parasite control Included £157
6 monthly check up Included £30
Total per Year £156 £238
Saving you £82 (up to 34%)

How Do I Join?

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Joining is simple and easy to arrange. You can pop in to one of our Scotvet surgeries and speak with one of our receptionists.

Call our Ballieston Practice on: 0141 378 6293
Call our Sandyhills Practice on: 0141 778 8335

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